Useful info and FAQ

Useful info

→ How to reach Genoa

By plane:

By train:

Genoa has two main railway stations: Genova Piazza Principe and Genova Brignole. Both have many bus stopping in front of them and are directly connected to the Metro line.
The easiest way to reach the venue is the Metro. Stop at Dinegro and walk for a few minutes towards the ferry terminal and the lighthouse.
download the map here.

→ Accomodation

The main event will be in the Columbus Hotel

Close to the location of the event there are also a Holiday Inn (2 minutes walk) and a Novotel (10 minutes walk).

iIf you’re looking for a budget option in the city center there is Ostellin Genova Hostel and Airbnb is quite popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about food and beverages?

During tournament the hotel bar will be available for food and drinks (also including lots of alcohol, obviously).
There is also a shopping center next to the hotel and a few restaurants in the area.

Can people trade cards on site?

Yes, we’ll set up a dedicated area to avoid “invading” playing tables.

I can play Fallen Empires and Chronicles this time, right?

Yes and No. The legal sets for the main event are only those listed according to “Ravenna Rules Updated”. The side event (Columbus Friday Night)is going to be played using Eternal Central Rules and that’s where you can play many reprints and the mighty Fallen Empires.

I heard you play only with unsleeved Alpha cards, is that even possible?

Not in the main event. There will be players ready to duel in Alpha limited (40 cards decks including only Limited Edition Alpha cards without any sideboard) and there’s even a side-event in the works. It will most probably take place on Sunday, a day dedicated to casual games.

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