Main event

Venue: The Cup will take place at the Columbus Sea Hotel in Genoa, Italy.

Date and time: October 27th, registration opens at 12:30, tournament starts at 13:30.

Duration: The number of players pre-registered for the event passed the 100 (!!!) mark already before summer with people coming from 16 countries, so we decided to increase the number of swiss rounds to 6 regardless of the number of participants actually showing up (don't worry, there's plenty to do other than the main event!). Swiss will be followed by top16.
The first 4 rounds in the swiss will last for 50 minutes, the final 2 rounds and the top16 are untimed (please don't stall!). The P9 Lottery will take place after the final round of the swiss, before top16 announcement.

Entry fee: To cover part of the costs of the event we are asking for an entry fee of 25€ which can be paid cash or via Paypal during registration.

Special guests: N00bcon X prize included a flight ticket to Genoa and free entrance to the Fishliver Oil Cup. The world champion Alban Lauter will play with us as special guest.
Eternal Central Old School at Eternal Weekend tournament 2017 also featured airfare+hotel+free entrance to Fishliver Oil Cup 2018 and that's why the EC champion Gene Brumby will join us for the main event.

Italian Rules

Legal sets:

Banned and Restricted list:

The B/R list used for the tournament is the one published on the 93/94 old-school blog - Ante cards are BANNED.

Swedish style

The main reason we love 93/94 magic is the relaxed ambience and we really want to just have fun playing cards, drinking and chatting with fellow enthusiastic mages. That's why we pride ourselves of adhering to the swedish style

Quoting from

We play using the current comp rules, nothing added or removed. The rule enforcement level is "Don't be a douche". It is very close to REL-Competitive. Notable exceptions from REL-Professional:
- There are no floor judges. If in doubt about a rule situation, ask your opponent or another player close to you. If you can't figure it out, Head Judge descisions are made by the tournament organizer.
- Out of order sequencings are usually OK. Nobody should try to "get you" if you e.g. activate Mishra's Factory in beginning of combat.
- Unsportsmanlike conduct and "Power Gaming" are highly discouraged.

To avoid any unpleasant discussion, we suggest you to have a list of your deck and sideboard available or a picture of it on your phone. Especially if you play maindeck red elemental blasts or other cool tech!

P9 Lottery   

Actual picture of the moxEach player will get a lottery ticket during registration and the luckiest player will win one Unlimited edition Mox Jet.(Special guests and tournament organizers are not eligible for the lottery)
In 2016 the eligible players were 29 and the prize was an Unlimited Timetwister, won by Enrico Michelucci (granting him his first p9 card, by the way). In 2017 the winner was Jan Juon who walked away with his first Mox Ruby.
Who's going to be the happiest guy at the party this year?! Timetwister Lottery winner

Prizes & Awards

Eaten By Rats Award winner 2016

The absolute winner will get:

The player ranked 17th after the swiss will get a small cup and a free drink to cope with the pain :-)

Eaten By Rats

An international jury will assign the Eaten By Rats Award: Every player interested in entering the competition will be able to present 4 cards from their deck to the jury during tournament registration. The cards will be inspected and "graded" for the worst condition. The score of each player will be determined by the sum of their individual cards' scores. The winner will get an alpha Plague Rats signed by Anson Maddocks and a poor condition beta Clone

Unpowered prize

Unpowered Prize

The best deck not including p9 cards (final standings before top16) will win a card worth the effort

Random Competitions

Every turn a growing number of tables (1 table during the first turn, 2 tables during the second and so on...) will be randomly chosen for special prizes: the match winner will get Old School legal cards.

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