Last year we brought Magic cards into the iconic Lanterna di Genova for the first time and we had a lot of fun. We are coming back!
In 2017 we played just in the Lanterns Hall, this time we are going to invade the monument and there will be tables in three different areas.
To celebrate the city of Cristopher Columbus, the ruleset chosen for the occasion is, once again, EC Rules. We are even going to give away some Fallen Empires booster packs to add to the Sarpadian atmosphere of the night!

Date and time: October 26th, registration opens at 16:00, Welcome drink at the lighthouse starts at 17:00 and the tournament right after it.

Duration: The event is sold out! We will play 6 swiss rounds in the lighthouse. Swiss will be followed by top8 to be held in Columbus Sea Hotel.
Rounds will be timed at 45 minutes, any tie will be decided by Chaos Orb flipping contests.

Sketch by Anson Maddocks

Eternal Central Rules

Legal sets:

Eternal Central rules also allow all non-foil cards from the sets above, that were reprinted IN ANY LANGUAGE with the original frame and original art.

Additional cards allowed:

Banned and Restricted list:

The B/R list used for the tournament is the one published on Eternal Central website.

Additional rules:

  • Mana Burn still happens! (as in, players lose 1 point of life for each unused mana in the mana pool at the end of each phase)
  • No draws allowed! (if there was a tied match, the tie breaker will be a sudden death Chaos Orb flipping contest)
  • Mysterious prize


    The winner will get an artist proof antiquities edition Trasmute Artifact with a beautiful artwork by Anson Maddocks on the back and the right to brag about an epic winning for the rest of her/his days.

    The winner will also get an invitation and free entrance to the awesome Old School Players' Ball 2019 in Chicago, USA.

    A' Lanterna


    We managed to raise the attendance limit for CFN2 to 88 players, and for now that's the absolute max due to limited seating and because it's happening in a monument.

    If you pre-register now, you'll be added to the waiting list.
    We are trying to make everyone happy, but it's just not possible to add other seats for the event.
    If you happen to be pre-registered and realize that you're not going to be able to attend, please tell us and let someone else in from the waiting list!

    Pre-registered players:

    Bastien PasdeloupFredrik LundevikMartin HardseliusSebastien Kennel
    Aleksandar Tristan Gonzalez MilovicDavide BarbieroJohan RåbergJuan Espadas Carmona
    Alessio ProlongoDenoix GuillaumeLeandro SaucedoPatric Hiness
    Alexander PickDerothe MathieuLeo BruderPeter Schnidrig
    Alisa FarenzenaRiccardo CentazzoLuca ZanonRoberto Sterza
    Alon Rajic Elias GröndalMaillier LaurentPhilipp Arnold
    Andrea RaminFrancesco DelfinoMarco FalangaRestituto Gonzalez Carretero
    Yoav GrossDavid RosseelJoep MeddensYuri Ancarani
    Anton-Giulio ManganelliFrançois PirenneMarco RocchettiRiccardo Bongiovanni
    Avenel ArnaudFrederique LafouxMartin BerlinScheuber Christian
    Benjamin Twitchen Furrer ThomasMartino CandonBram Luypaert
    Tito SalmoiraghiErwin DemmerMarco BonsanoPietro Cavalletti
    Björn Jonnie MyrbackaGabriele Bargetto Matteo MalisanGabriele Magliano
    Bryan Connolly Cermak AndreasCharlie HahnSvante Landgraf
    Chris AlbrechtMatteo SavioliChristian ReinhardGiovanni Compiano
    Mattias BerggrenConstantine PrishvitsinGiuseppe RinaldiMichael Ruppen
    Alessandro SagoleoDe Zuani RenatoKarl HaganPaolo Novaro
    Thomas MeddensGordon AnderssonValerio MinelliValerio Gregori
    Ambroise RodolpheEnrico MichelucciMarc LanigraPhilipp Steinisch
    Andrea MacarioFilippo CacciaMarco ButiRamon Sanchez Casado
    Daniel Gómez BlancoMiguel Angel Díaz GonzálezDaniele BrunazzoJames Burton
    Danny FriedmanYann FranzénDavid DesjardinJason Schwartz

    Lanterna di Genova

    The lighthouse is a landmark of the city of Genoa since its construction in 1128 and is known as the symbol of the mediterranean city.
    The lighthouse is just 15 min walk from the nearby underground station (Dinegro) and from the Columbus Sea Hotel.

    Thanks to Amici della Lanterna Association we will be able to play inside a unique heritage site. Have a look at to read more about their activities and the lighthouse.

    Good Fellas
    Playing in a monument
    Lanterns Hall
    Family Portrait

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