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How to reach Genoa

Disclaimer: in the aftermath of the bridge collapse happened in August, the traffic in the western part of the city is currently quite chaotic. The situation is probably going to get better before the Cup, but, since the airport is quite near to the area of the disaster, it is still not clear how much time will be needed to reach the city center from Cristoforo Colombo airport. Please take this in consideration while planning your trip. We will keep you all as much informed as possible about the conditions of traffic and the possibility of airport pickups (worst case scenario: we will prioritize families with children and people with special needs and the other will have to take a bus/taxi).

By plane:

By train:

Genoa has two main railway stations: Genova Piazza Principe and Genova Brignole. Both have many bus stopping in front of them and are directly connected to the Metro line.
The easiest way to reach the venue is the Metro. Stop at Dinegro and walk for a few minutes towards the ferry terminal and the lighthouse. download the map here.


For tournament players there is a discount on room rates at Columbus Sea Hotel [60€ per night - single room, 75€ per night - double/twin room (32.5€, per person) + 2€ of residence tax per day (tax is due for municipality rules)]: write to and including "OLD SCHOOL EVENT" in the subject of your email, if you're interested in staying at the tournament venue.
Free airport pickup is also available for players flying to Genoa (tell us when you're coming and we'll pick you up).

iIf you're looking for a budget option in the city center there is Ostellin Genova Hostel and Airbnb is quite popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about food and beverages?

During tournament the hotel bar will be available for food and drinks (also including lots of alcohol, obviously).
There is also a shopping center next to the hotel and a few restaurants in the area.

Can people trade cards on site?

Yes, we'll set up a dedicated area to avoid "invading" playing tables.

I can play Fallen Empires and Chronicles this time, right?

Yes and No. The legal sets for the main event are only those listed according to "Ravenna Rules". The side event (Columbus Friday Night)is going to be played using Eternal Central Rules and that's where you can play many reprints and the mighty Fallen Empires.

I heard you play only with unsleeved Alpha cards, is that even possible?

Not in the main event. There will be players ready to duel in Alpha limited (40 cards decks including only Limited Edition Alpha cards without any sideboard) and there's even a side-event in the works. It will most probably take place on Sunday for grey wizards not interested in playing Premodern with a bunch of youngsters!

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