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For the first time we are going to bring Magic cards into the iconic Lanterna di Genova.We will play in the lanterns hall, surrounded by ancient lanterns.
To celebrate the city of Columbus,Celebrating 525 years from Columbus discovery of the Americas the ruleset chosen for the occasion is EC Rules. So dust off your derelors and get ready for a an orgy of strip mines!

Useful Info

Lanterna by night

Venue: Columbus Friday Night will take place inside the lighthouse. It will be closed for visitors, except players, so we have to enter as a group. Meeting point and registration is at the reception of Columbus Sea Hotel. To reach it please have a look at their website.

Date and time: October 27th, registration opens at 17:30, tournament starts at 18:30. Swiss rounds will last for 45 minutes (sorry for that, but the monument has to close at midnight), the top8 will be played back at the hotel if necessary.

Entry fee: To cover part of the costs of the event we are asking for an entry fee of 15€ which can be paid cash or via Paypal during registration.

Eternal Central Rules

Legal sets:

Eternal Central rules also allow all non-foil cards from the sets above, that were reprinted IN ANY LANGUAGE with the original frame and original art.

Additional cards allowed:

Banned and Restricted list:

The B/R list used for the tournament is the one published on Eternal Central website.

Additional rules:

  • Mana Burn still happens! (as in, players lose 1 point of life for each unused mana in the mana pool at the end of each phase)
  • No draws allowed! (if there was a tied match, the tie breaker will be a sudden death Chaos Orb flipping contest)
  • Prize

    The winner will get a misterious card and the right to brag about an epic winning for the rest of her/his days.Mysterious prize

    The winner will also get an invitation and free entrance to the awesome Old School Players' Ball 2018 in Chicago, USA.


    CFN has an upper limit of 46 players due to limited seating and because it's happening in a monument.

    contact us for pre-registering.
    We'll start a waiting list, if necessary.

    Hashi Megu Lorenzo Novaro Andrea Braida
    MG Hardy Marc Lanigra Constantine Prishvitsin
    Mathieu Derothe-Renaud Guillaume Denoix Francesco Delfino Luca Arecco
    Andrea Infantino Zavo GB Novaro Pietro Cavalletti
    Riccardo Bongiovanni Valerio Minelli Gab Magliano Jacopo Mariani
    Leo Bruder David Desjardin Gordon Andersson Matteo Campora
    Paolo Novaro Frederique Lafoux Patric Hiness Rodolphe Ambroise
    Richard Leßmann Karl Keks Arnaud Avenel Jason Schwartz
    Luca Di Santo Matthew Junker Jean Noel Vouilloz Michele Bargiacchi
    Kung Markus Loff Andrea Macario Martin Berlin
    Seb Celia Kalle Nord Jonas Stattin Andrea Giarola

    Lanterna di Genova

    The lighthouse is a landmark of the city of Genoa since its construction in 1128 and is known as the symbol of the mediterranean city.
    The lighthouse is just 15 min walk from the nearby underground station (Dinegro) and from the Columbus Sea Hotel.

    Thanks to Amici della Lanterna Association we will be able to play inside a unique heritage site. Have a look at www.lanternadigenova.it to read more about their activities and the lighthouse.